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SANDY Payton

Program Director

Our Program Director and Head Trainer, Sandy Payton, is a Masters Level NPC Figure Competitor, AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer, ASFA Sports Nutrition Certified, is TRX Certified and an Independent Advocare Distributor.  She has been teaching and leading Boot Camp classes, as well as, personal training for the last six years.
She loves working with women and assisting with the struggles of weight loss.  Sandy not only has a sports nutrition certification, but has been mentored, trained and educated under world renowned, Nathan Payton CSNS, CPFT, nutritionist to 4x Worlds Strongest Man, Athletes, And award-winning bikini and figure competitors.  Sandy began her own fitness journey approximately 8 years ago and it was that journey that prompted her to teach others about fitness and lifestyle change


Personal Trainer

Saxby has been teaching at ProBody Bootcamp for four years. She is a AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer.  She

has a Masters in nutrition and is

pursuing her degree as a Registered Dietitian.! Saxby is

an NPC figure competitor, and won her class at the 2015 Bob Chicherillo Classic. Outside of the gym Saxby enjoys family time, reading, and hanging out with friends on adventures/

Keysa Humber M.ED, CFT, CSN

Personal Trainer

Keysa was once severely overweight and knew a change was necessary.  Her goal was to lose 80 pounds; she surpassed her goal and lost over 100 lbs !!! She started by researching and becoming self-taught in fitness, weight loss, and nutrition.  She began creating a workout plan, meal plan, and a goal system with rewards.   She made the commitment to change her life, and has kept the weight off for 12 years !

She was once a bootcamp member herself at Monster Gym in Kingwood Texas.  There was an opening for another instructor, and the owners felt no one could successfully take the position except for her.   She accepted the position and through AMFPT received her certification in Fitness Training and Sports Nutrition and has been teaching our since 2013.


Becky Hnatek

Personal Trainer

Becky is a NASM Certified Trainer and also a NPC Figure Competitor.   She recently placed 2nd at her very first Figure Competition at the NPC Phil Heath Classic.  Becky teaches our 8:30 am classes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays!   When she’s not in the gym training or working out you can find her running  in 5k’s or 1/2 marathons or just biking around the country with her husband Joe.   Don’t let her sweet sweet spirit fool you bc this girl can definitely kick some booty.   We are so stoked to have her as part of our family and team!

Jessica Anderson
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